What TAXI (music review service) has to say about 9 Feet Tall song, "Butterfly"
"...the language of the song is emotionally charged, the structure is well written and cohesive... This song beats with the heart of a classic power ballad..."

I found your music to be uplifting and peaceful. You have a beautiful voice that touches me with a sense of serenity. A few of my favorite songs are Blue Sky, Make Believe and Adam's Song.

Amy, Hillsborough, NJ

Kathy, ever since discovering your work, your music has been a favorite of our family. I've got four kids ages 7-14, and they love it as much as I do. I was looking for the CD today and couldn't find it - until my wife reminded me it was already in the CD player. It is a hit in the Gibson family - wonderful music! Thanks so much.

Peter Gibson, NJ

The first time I listened to “Worn Out Shoe” I was convinced at the end of each song that ‘it’ was my favorite. The words in the songs just grab you, and you wonder how Kathy knew to write them. I even bought a second CD for my Mom because I knew she would enjoy it as much as I do. After listening as often as I have, I would have to say that if I had to pick 1 favorite song, it would be ‘No Strings Attached’ with ‘Slow Down for Love’ as a close second. When I first heard ‘Kath & 9 Feet Tall’ sing I was not only impressed but in awe. Kathy is my cousin and I could never be prouder of a person for being so determined and in love with the Lord. “Worn Out Shoe” is a true testament to Kath & 9 Feet Tall and their love of our Father. God bless all of you and keep the music coming!

Suzanne, PA

“Worn out Shoe” is a mix of gentle melodies and lyrics that feed my soul. I can sit and enjoy the music while I work, or really listen to the words and think about what the message means for me. I also recommend hearing the band live…they make a good cup of coffee even better!

Beth, North Brunswick, NJ

My husband and I had the privilege of getting to know the Anderson family before this CD was recorded. Kathy and Dan spent time with our youth group helping them to learn how to lead worship, not perform music. They taught the teens by example as they lifted each song up to the Lord in praise and thanksgiving. We knew that their CD would also be an act of worship and it truly is. Kathy is a gifted writer who is able to capture your heart with thought-provoking lyrics that will speak to you where you are in your life experiences. The Lord is glorified in their music as well as in their concerts.

Cathy Bell, Hillsborough, NJ

This music is very calming. I tend to listen to the beat and not always the words, so I pulled out the lyrics and was reading while the CD was playing. The words are really from the heart. It seems like each song has a story. Very touching. Enjoy!

Pam Ulrich, Wurtsboro, NY

I would have to say I like the 9/11 song the best (Blue Sky). I think it is nice because it is such an upbeat song. It goes against the norm. It makes you think that everyone on that day went to a much better place. The whole album is easy to listen to and easy to sing along with. It puts you in a good mood.

Donna Blackburn, NJ

Worn Out Shoe is a great CD for people who like meaningful lyrics and good music. There is a beautiful sincerity and wonderful realness to the album. One of my favorite songs is "Blue Sky" because its lyrics are poignant and heart-breaking, but hopeful and full of faith at the same time. 9 Feet Tall's first CD is a great example of the band's original works. I can't wait for their next CD!

Kristin, North Brunswick, NJ

"Worn Out Shoe" is a great CD. The music is great and the lyrics really lift my spirit up every time I listen to it. As a 9 Feet Tall fan who has moved away it helps me feel like you are right there every time I listen to it. I can't wait for you to come out with your next CD. I miss you guys and wish you all God's blessing every time you perform.

Rachel Sakofsky, Maine

Worn Out Shoe points to the truths that the God of the universe is for us and not against us; His love for His creation is unconditional; and He longs to know and be known intimately, which leads me to ponder His great love and draw closer.

Faith Clark, Long Branch, NJ

One of the most touching songs for me is God is on Your Side...this song reminds us of the truth that He's on our side. He's fighting for us. He loves us and lets things come into our lives that are painful, to prune us to better glorify Him. Thank you for your ministry of song...

A servant of the Lord, striving to live for His glory,
Shante Kee, Chicago, IL

After receiving the CD "Worn out Shoe" I gave a listen to it. Most of the time when I listen to a CD whether worldly or inspired by God I would put it down and say it was nice, but after listening to "Worn Out Shoe" I found myself picking it up time after time. I firmly believe that it is anointed by the Holy Spirit. Each musician has put their complete self into the making of this CD. I was blessed by it and I hope and pray that you will too.

Bob Bastelli
Drummer, First Assembly of God Shrewsbury NJ


...I wanted to thank you guys so much for playing at Wilson's. You guys displayed a musical depth and (you in particular) spoke with a sincere integrity that is often missing from the ranks of Christian musicians.

Wilson's Books, Princeton, NJ


Again, I can't tell you how grateful I am for you guys last night. There was still a buzz this morning about it and the student body, and professors kept saying how we really need to do things like this more often...

The music was wonderful. Your voice got some great reviews. One person said, "you just didn't think that rich of a voice would come out of that tiny woman."...

Overall though, as ministers you guys rocked the house...

Thank you,
Seminary Student, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, NJ

We book many acts here at the Refuge Coffeehouse, but only a select few get invited back for repeat performances. The band 9 Feet tall is one such band who we will have back time after time. They are not only talented musicians, they also have a strong ministry, a giving spirit, and a joyful attitude. Any event would be blessed to have 9 Feet Tall perform at their venue.

Vas Avramidis
Refuge Coffeehouse, Bridgewater, NJ

9 Feet Tall performed at a Coffeehouse we held to raise awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Since the Coffeehouse was a benefit for an illness which impacts a variety of people, it attracted people from various cultures and ages. The original music and lyrics of 9 Feet Tall united this diverse group of people for over two hours. Many of the attendees were interested in purchasing a CD. We would definitely ask 9 Feet Tall to perform another concert.

Darryln Tarantino
Leukemia and Lymphoma Fund Raising Event Coordinator, Somerset, NJ

9 Feet Tall is a breath of fresh air!

Mike Gamache
Producer of The Local Band Spotlight Comcast Cable Television show, Middletown, NJ

The Christian rock of the Now

Christian Duncan
Head Engineer of Moving Music Productions Recording Studio, Toms River, NJ

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